This Service Could Change The Way We Buy Health Trackers

Finding the right health tracker for your particular workout personality is a challenge, made all the more difficult by the fact that you don’t often get an opportunity to play around with a tracker before you throw down the cash. Now, however, tech rental service Lumoid will make it possible to actually try a tracker for a few days before you buy. Originally, Lumoid launched as a camera-gear-rental service, allowing customers to test out new (often expensive) equipment for a modest rental fee before deciding on a purchase. Since then, the site has expanded to include Google Glass and drone products, too. Starting today, Lumoid customers can also try out a number of health-, sleep-, and fitness-tracking wearables. These include many heavy-hitters, such as the FitBit, Jawbone UP, Samsung Gear Fit, Nike+ products, Misfit Shine, and Garmin Watches. These tracker trials are especially useful because finding the gadget for your lifestyle depends on a lot of factors, including the activities you’re doing, the display options you want, and how much time you’re willing to spend charging a device. With Lumoid, you can select up to five items to try out for seven days — the rental fee is $20. Then, you send them back. If there’s one you’d like to buy, Lumoid will ship you a brand-new version and bill you for the retail price (they waive the rental fee if you make a purchase).