Super Foods with a Twist

Change is inherent and many times depending upon the situation changes makes us happy and keep the process enjoyable in an interesting manner especially when it comes over the food we love. The focus is given to some of the known foods but in a different way. Just think for a moment you are enjoying tomatoes and carrot in your salad from a long time and suddenly you added cucumber and onion with some lettuce over it can gradually increase the taste and flavor of the salad. Likewise every food item can be changed by adding some twist in it. Here, we will give a basic idea about how twist in common and classic foods turns it into super food. You can try this at your home to get a better taste along with the healthy benefits as the combination of food give effective and beneficial results over the body.
  • Cheese Sandwich with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
A normal cheese sandwich can get some extra flavor with the Tomato pesto which makes the taste better and gives the beneficial qualities of Tomato which is really important for the body. The crispy and crunchy bite of the bread by dipping into the Tomato Pesto is something that is ultimate. The real pleasure of enjoying this food is to relish it with satisfaction and good health.